Tank Inspections and cleaning

Diver cleaning tank floor

Professional Diving Services is able to inspect, clean and repair water storage facilities, from potable or grey water storage systems to pools, fire and general water storage.

Our confined space qualified divers will conduct a detailed inspection (in accordance with AS1851:2012 routine service fire protection systems/equipment for fire water storage tanks) and on review from our materials engineers, provide a comprehensive condition assessment report accompanied with digital photographs and video of the inspection.

Sediment removal from tanks and larger storage facilities can be completed while the tanks remain online. Our divers are also experts at locating leaks and then sealing these leaks without the need to drain any storage facility.  PDS can also provide a ROV (Remote Operated Underwater Vehicle) to conduct inspections where diving is not required or access for divers is not available.

Flexible tank inspection
Sprinkler tank inspection
Water tank access ladder
Diver accessing water tank
Inside of fire water tank during inspection