Structure Surveys and Reporting

Underwater structure survey and reporting

Professional Diving Services conducts underwater inspections, surveys and reporting on a vast range of structures in marine, contaminated and freshwater environments. These include steel, concrete and timber structures that support wharfs, piers, bridges, jetties, marinas, inlet towers, weirs/dams, locks, pump stations, treatment tanks and pipelines. Our experience extends to more than 60,000 piles supporting structures throughout Australia and the condition reports produced from the survey results are highly detailed and considered first class.

Recent surveys include bridges and culverts for Queensland Rail, Road Bridges for the Department of Transport Queensland and VicRoads, Pier surveys for Parks Victoria and Wharf and structure surveys for the Port of Melbourne.

Our survey and reporting services include:
• Swim through inspections
• Detailed pre and post construction surveys
• Condition ‘heat’ mapping
• Drafting services
• Non-destructive testing
• Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) surveys

Technical support by our mechanical and materials engineers combined with our experienced dive teams drive quality results. We work with owners, operators and engineers to develop and test alternate survey techniques to ensure we are collecting the most effective data. Standards commonly used include the Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual (WSCAM) and the VicRoads inspection manual.

Non-destructive capabilities include:
• Ultrasonic thickness testing
• Magnetic Particle Inspection of welds
• Drill testing / sampling of timber or concrete
• Coring of timber or concrete sampling
• Underwater and above water techniques and equipment for all testing
• CP system monitoring e.g. potential testing, anode observation, etc.

Engineers looking at core sample
core drill and core
Engineers studying core sample
Structural survey
Altona pier survey
Structure Surveys
Bridge inspections
Structure Surveys
Steel pile surface underwater
Exposed marine pile surface
Exposed pile surface under water
Marine pile in poor condition
Marine pile underwater in poort condition
Pier being surveyed
Reservoir walkway drafted drawing
Diving crew concrete core sample
Survey of reservoir tower