Station Pier Pile Repairs

Station pier piles

PDS have completed the 2020 season of pile repairs at Station Pier in conjunction with Fitzgerald Constructions for Victorian Ports Corporation Melbourne. Pile rehabilitation included pile strengthening with 420 lineal metres of Denso 400 series repair applied to 112 piles and also pile slicing/replacement of 30 piles.

Other works included installation of Denso 70 series pile protection system and beam replacement. Works were successfully managed through strict Covid-19 stage 4 restrictions while being completed safely and without delay or extension to the works program.

PDS are currently working on the 2021 (Stage 6) rehabilitation works.  The rehabilitation works for this season consist of 343 piles and includes pile splices, pile encasement and pile protection system repairs.

Station pier piles repaired by commercial diver
Station pier pile repaired by commercial diver
Station pier pile repair
Station pier pile in seabed