Salvage of the vessel Argo from the Murray River

Salvaged vessel Argo on Murray River

Professional Diving Services successfully completed the salvage of the historic barge, Argo from the Murray River.  Working with Baldwin Boats, PDS’s commercial divers attached a number of lift bags to the vessel, and raised the vessel approximately 7 metres to the surface after which water was pumped from the vessel.  The vessel will remain at its mooring with lift bags attached until ready to be lifted from water for further repairs.

“We would just like to thank you and your team for the awesome effort they all put in in the raising of the Argo Barge. All team members went above and beyond on this monumental job and at the end there were no injuries or damage to the vessel. As you are aware, this vessel is of considerable historical significance and it is nice to know that we all were part of preserving a piece of Murray River history.  A job well done by all and we look forward to working with you in the future.”  Chris Baldwin, Baldwin Boats

Diver with lift bag
Salvaged vessel Argo with lift bags
Lift bags used inside salvage of vessel