Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Professional Diving Services run Blue Robotics and Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s). The Blue ROV 2 is a high-performance ROV with a 6 thruster vectored configuration, a depth rating of 100m and a 300m tether providing a high-quality live video feed directly to the surface enabling direct download of footage to the computer.

With the ability to fit into smaller restricted areas and excellent low light capabilities, the ROV’s are suitable for the most challenging ROV inspections including pipe and tunnel inspections and access into confined areas.

ROV works have successfully been completed in; marine environments for environmental monitoring, inspection of marine and freshwater installations including vessels, piers and jetties, reservoirs, intakes and pipelines, and difficult to access areas within hydro-electric power stations.

Numerous deep-water sites have also been inspected, removing the need for divers.  These include offshore pipelines, structures, and marine heritage sites including the Japanese WW2 midget submarine off Sydney Harbour and the ex-HMVS Cerberus at Black Rock.

remotely operated vehicle
remotely operated vehicle
remotely operated vehicle
ROV at power station
ROV being removed from water
ROV on Jetty
Altona outfall pipe ROV and diver
ROV in drain
Photo taken by ROV
ROV used in survey of Midget Submarine
ROV from below
ROV operator