Professional Diving Services has the experience, equipment and reputation to provide the professional and safe commercial diving solution that you require. Over the last forty years we have successfully completed a vast range of projects across a number of commercial diving disciplines including:

• Wharf rehabilitation and construction,
• Mining industry dam maintenance and repairs,
• ROV works,
• Marine and freshwater structure condition assessments and
• Vessel survey, repair and salvage.

GMW Mildura Weir

Commercial Diver at Mildura Weir

West Channel Beacons

Diving Boat at West Channel Beacons

Fire Water Storage Tank Survey

Fire water storage tank inspection and cleaning

Beacon Cove Pile Repair Works

Beacon Cove pile remediation work

Central Pier Pile Remediation

Commercial divers at central pier undertaking pile remediation work

Windsor Bridge Archaeological Excavations

PDS divers at Windsor bridge with excavated artifact

Mount Buller Water Storage Tanks Inspections

Mount Buller Potable Water Tank Inspection

Box Hill Aquatic Centre Pools and Tiling Condition Assessment

Industrial diver pool inspection

Cardinia & Greenvale Reservoir Gate and Valve Upgrades

ProDiver with Chamber at Cardinia reservoir

Eildon Pondage Bulkhead Installation

Lake Eildon Pondage Bulkhead installation

Salvage of the vessel Julian from the Port of Portland

Sunken vessel Julian being raised

Balranald Weir Structural Inspections

Inspection of the Balranald Weir

ROV Survey of M24 Japanese Midget Submarine

Japanese Midget Submarine Survey

Coober Pedy, Dam Maintenance and Repairs

Diver Entering Mine Dam