Hobson’s Bay Main Sewer (HBMS) Protection Plate Project

Hobsons Bay Main Sewer Line Work

Professional Diving Services installed the in-water cathodic protection components and strengthening plates in the Yarra River, downstream of the West Gate Bridge, for the Hobson’s Bay Main Sewer Protection Plate Project. The project was undertaken with Duratec Australia on behalf of Port of Melbourne Corporation between February to July 2020.

Activities included underwater steel inspection and non-destructive testing, cleaning/jetting and sediment dredging, welding (strengthening plates, tabs and brackets) and installation of cathodic protection components.

The project was successfully managed safely and without delay or extension to the works program. Challenges overcome included:

  • Strict Covid-19 restriction management
  • Diving in the centre of Melbourne’s busiest commercial shipping channel
  • Traffic management of light commercial and recreational vessels
  • Periods of restricted visibility
  • Maximising dive times with the use of Nitrox and crew rotations to safely meet strict project timing deadlines
strengthening plates
strengthening plate
Welded strengthening plate
Cathodic Protection
Welded cathodic protection
Welded strengthening plates
Hobsons Bay main sewer line
Hobsons Bay diving works
Hobsons Bay diving work
Prodiver at Hobsons Bay
Commercial Diver at Hobsons Bay
Dive Support vessel at Hobsons Bay