HMS Sirius and Kingston Jetty Norfolk Island

Diver inspecting anchor

Professional Diving Services assisted Cosmos Archaeology on two projects at Norfolk Island including the Archaeological investigation of the proposed dredge area alongside the Kingston Jetty and also a maritime archaeological site survey of the wreck site of the HMS Sirius (flagship of the first fleet) wrecked at Kingston, Norfolk Island in 1790.

The Kingston Jetty works included the test excavation of four trenches to identify the possible remains of any cultural material prior to the approval of proposed dredging works at the site. The works on the HMS Sirius site was to confirm, update and validate the site plans produced during maritime archaeological surveys completed in the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Commercial diver exiting the water at Norfolk island
Commercial diver inspecting anchor
Professional Diver at Kingston Jetty
HMS Sirius Wreck Site Norfolk Island
Commercial Diver at Kingston Jetty
Norfolk island dive crew