Heritage Surveys

Structural integrity assessment on HMAS Hobart

Professional Diving Services’ in-house maritime archaeologists can provide assessments and advice on all maritime heritage projects.  In addition to our consulting services, PDS also supply fully qualified and highly experienced scientific divers to undertake maritime archaeological surveys and excavations.

Since our inception, we have developed close working relationship with several maritime archaeology service providers including Cosmos Archaeology.  Working with Cos has developed a wealth of expertise and experience within our team.  PDS have been involved in a variety heritage projects including an archaeological survey at Clifton Springs, underwater assessment of the Port Welshpool long jetty and archaeological excavations at the Windsor Bridge Wharf.

We have also completed a ROV survey of a Japanese WW2 midget Submarine, and under a contract for the US Military’s Department of POW/MIA Accounting Agency, we supplied diving services, logistical support and archaeological assistance in a site investigation of a WWII-era aircraft wreck in a remote part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Professional Diving Services approach all sites with the highest respect for Maritime History and we ensure all dive operations are conducted in accordance with Commonwealth Historic Shipwreck Act 1976 and Heritage Act 2017 (Vic) guidelines.

Commercial diver at Windsor bridge
Japanese Midget Submarine Survey
Commercial diver with dredging equipment
Port Welshpool Archaeological survey
Commercial Diver with measuring equipment