Environmental Surveys


Over the last 38 years, the Professional Divers Group has undertaken a wide range of marine environmental survey projects.  Increased activity in this sector, led to the establishment of a separate business unit in 2015 named Professional Marine Science Services (PMSS), an environmental and heritage consultancy specialising in marine and coastal applications.

Environmental projects undertaken by PMSS include fisheries surveys for the live scallop fishery operating in Port Phillip Bay, the Martha Cove Ecological Survey and Bathymetry seafloor survey, post-dredging assessments of Port Phillip Bay, the environmental assessment and pre-construction investigation of the bioWave Energy Project and inspections of a number of outfalls along the ninety-mile beach in Gippsland, Victoria.

Current and ongoing projects include biofouling surveys for vessels entering and leaving ecologically sensitive ports, and gathering ecological and water quality data as part of the Marine Environmental Monitoring Program for the Victorian Desalination Plant.

Over the years, our highly qualified marine biologists and ecologists have developed safe and practical methods of data and sample collection using a wide range of monitoring equipment including:

  • Wave buoy and Triaxy Buoys involving mooring design, installation and retrieval, servicing and maintenance of AWACs and ADCPs
  • Light, Salinity, Turbidity and  CTD Loggers involving logger installation, removal, servicing and maintenance

Our experience assisting and managing environmental projects include:

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Habitat mapping using sidescan and multibeam mapping
  • Habitat classification using ROV or drop cameras
  • Community ecology and population monitoring
  • Sediment sampling using piston coring and vibracoring
  • Aquatic pest control and surveys
  • Siting, design and environmental approvals

Professional Diving Services also has experience in preparing and executing Environmental Effects Statements and offer environmental consultancy to projects.

Habitat monitoring
Divers installing a logger
marine life on pipe
Marine organism
Marine scientist with microscope
Bio fouling survey on vessel propeller
Structure Surveys
Structure Surveys
Structure Surveys