Diver Controlled Dredging

Professional Diving Services have the capabilities to undertake and support a wide range of dredging projects within marine, freshwater and contaminated environments.

We have a proven track record delivering small to large scale dredging projects. PDS works with numerous mining companies throughout Australia providing a range of maintenance services including the removal of sediment from dams and ensuring its secure containment for disposal.  As part of general maintenance works, PDS supplied a dive crew and equipment to remove sediment from a fire water storage pond at Origin Energy Port Campbell which was pumped from the lagoon into a containment bag for drying and later disposal off site.

PDS regularly carry out dredging works on water industry infrastructure including weirs and water storage tanks.  Works on the Stevenson Weir at Deniliquin involved excavating sediment from the upstream apron and depositing it into sediment containment bags onshore.  Sediment removal from tanks and larger storage facilities can be completed while the tanks remain online resulting in cost effective maintenance dredging operations for our clients.

Over the years, PDS have removed sediment from potable water tanks, fire storage tanks and even tanks used for snow-making at ski resorts.  We own and operate our own equipment for all dredging workings including dive gear, ROV’s, height safety, confined space and specialist contaminated environment equipment ensuring we can deliver a safe a reliable outcome for our clients’ dredging projects.

Bags storing dredged sediment
Diving works at mine pond
Sediment bags being filled at mine
Truck and dredging equipment
Mine dam dredging
Sand core for dredging operations
Channel deepening computer model
Weir sediment removal
Diver controlled dredging
Diver with dredging equipment
Diver holding dredging equipment
Commercial diver in dredging operation
Occupational diver operating dredging equipment
Diver at fire pond
Tanks being cleaned
Diver cleaning tank
Water tank inspection