Cutting and Welding

Professional Diving Services has extensive equipment for welding and cutting operations and has the qualified personnel to complete works safely and efficiently.

Professional Diving Services’ divers are certified and highly experienced in wet welding and can provide weld procedures and testing for all works.  Many of our underwater welders have a fabrication background and are experienced in underwater welding in all environments. We have extensive experience welding sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection, weld repairs on piles, sheet pile and are class approved for underwater welding works associated with ship repairs.

Professional Diving Services use Broco thermal lance cutting equipment. Typical cutting jobs include removal of piles, sheet pile, demolition, pipelines, and underwater obstructions.

Diver welding underwater
Underwater welding diver
PDS Diver Completed Welding work
Welding work done by diver
welded metal
Underwater welding