Contaminated Environments

Professional Diving Services is an industry leader in contaminated environment diving, which is widely regarded as the most specialised branch of the commercial diving industry.

Our divers are highly skilled and experienced at conducting maintenance, damage repair, dredging, inspection and equipment recovery in contaminated environments including raw sewage, dangerous chemicals, oil, sludge, and food products.  We provide 24 hour on-call services and have the ability to mobilise diving crews at any time.

Professional Diving Services is currently contracted to provide contaminated diving services to a number of large scale waste water treatment facilities including Melbourne Water’s Western and Eastern Treatment Plants, City West Water’s Altona Treatment Plant and a number of waste water treatment plants throughout Victoria and Interstate.

Professional Diving Services use Kirby Morgan Superlite 17 & 37 model helmets fitted with quad exhausts for contaminated diving.  These are mated to Viking & Northern Diver brand yokes mated to 1500 denier heavy duty dry suits fitted with tri exhaust valves and steel cap safety boots. Dry mated gloves and cooling vests for the suits ensure a reliable and safe system for work. Professional Diving Services has nine helmets and fifteen dry suits dedicated to contaminated diving works.

Diver in contaminated environment
Diver entering contaminated environment
Diver undertaking contaminated diving work
Diver in water treatment plant
Commercial diver lowered into digester
Diver entering chemical tank
Occupational diver being cleaned
Occupational diver in sewage
Occupational diver exiting methane reactor
Diver in basket in treatment plant
Diver hoisted up at treatment plant
contamination diver being rinsed off
Diver working on pipes in sewage
Kirby Morgan Diving helmets
Contamination diving helmets
Diver in basket at bushy creek water treatment plant
Contam Diver entering hatch
Contamination Diver on scissor lift
Contamination Diver