Construction and Demolition

PDS Diver with Broco cutting

Over the last 40 years, Professional Diving Services has completed over 200 million dollars’ marine construction works at almost every marine asset in Victoria including extensive experience working on major and minor inland water infrastructure facilities.  Our experienced project managers, engineers and dive teams work on projects from initial design through to completion, and we can support any marine construction project with multiple dive crews to meet all project demands.

Port of Melbourne projects have included wharf reconstruction projects at Appleton Dock, Gellibrand Pier, Holden Dock, Maribyrnong Dock, Swanson Dock, Station Pier, Webb Dock and Princes Pier. Other major projects outside the Port of Melbourne have included the Victorian Desalination Project, Port of Portland, the development of the Dockland Precinct, Hume Weir upgrade and all Goulburn Murray Water contract works.

Professional Diving Services work alongside Australia’s leading construction companies creating engineering solutions to some of the most difficult marine projects.

We also have extensive experience in demolition projects involving steel, concrete and timber structures.  Past projects include wharfs, piers and jetties in both salt and freshwater environments using demolition methods including; hydro demolition, underwater cutting using Broco thermal lance, underwater chainsaws, demolition saws, jack hammers and controlled explosives.  Professional Diving Services’ staff are highly competent in these activities and come from a range of backgrounds including steel fabrication, wharf carpentry and demolition.

Key Project Partners include:

Diver installing wave generator
Tea garden creek weir
Construction and Demolition
PDS Broco cutting
PDS Construction Lake eildon tower
Portland piles wrapped with Seashield
Sheetpile demolition