Professional Diving Services

Professional Diving Services (PDS) have been in operation for in excess of thirty years, supplying commercial diving services predominately throughout Victoria but also interstate and overseas.

Professional Diving Services management, supervisory and diving staff, are familiar with the waters of the Victorian coastline and have conducted offshore works from Portland to Lakes Entrance. Professional divers are qualified in accordance with AS2815 and operate to the Professional Diving Services Operations Manual 2017, which is written in accordance with AS/NZS2299.1 2015 and use this for all diving activities. PDS are an Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS), commercial diver training establishment and maintain work systems in accordance with ADAS requirements, which is audited annually by ADAS. PDS have also been subject to audits by Melbourne Water, Lloyds, ABS, BV and GL for contract maintenance and certification requirements.

Professional Diving Services have offices in Melbourne, Portland and Sydney and have the capabilities of running up to ten crews on any given day supplying diving crews, labour hire and vessels to all parts of Victoria. Professional Diving Services have a total of sixty-two staff including four Operations Managers, seven Diving Supervisors, thirty-two Occupational Divers, three Diving Tenders/Coxswains and eight office staff to help coordinate projects and reports.

All Professional Diving Services staff are trained and experienced divers in works of this nature. In addition, all divers are qualified and experienced in Advanced First Aid, Oxygen Administration and basic to advanced levels of Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Professional Divers Training Academy

    Professional Divers Training Academy

    Professional Divers Training Academy is an Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) commercial dive school. Our courses are designed to help you start and advance your commercial diving career.

  • Smarter Safer Solutions

    Smarter Safer Solutions

    Smarter Safer Solutions is a registered training organisation teaching the future in Occupational Health and Safety. We have Nationally Accredited Courses offering your workplace continued training and education.

  • Professional Marine Sciences Services

    Professional Marine Science Services

    Professional Marine Science Services is an Aquatic Environmental Consultancy specialising in marine and coastal applications. Our experience and knowledge of dynamic marine environments as applied ecologists, provides essential information for practical environmental management.

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